Since 2022, you are managing partner at KRONOS Advisory, before that, you were bank consultant. What made you to change to KRONOS Advisory? How would you describe the services of your company?

Since 2008, when I started working in the world of banking, I saw a decrease in the framework conditions. This is due to over-regulation and additionally, consulting was getting more and more complicated. The rise of long-term low interest rates increased the importance of commission-based income for the banking industry, thus forcing the bank employees to push the sales of internal products. This made a non-baised consultation for their clients without any pressure on sales almost impossible. With increased complexity and wide scope of offers in the different asset classes available on the market, it is crucial for clients to get an objective and careful preselection of products. Furthermore, the respective costs of the investment should be taken under scrutiny. In order to ensure the best solutions für my clients, I ended my banking career to join KRONOS Advisory, one of the most important multi-family-offices in the DACH-region. What sets us apart from many other market players is the fact that KRONOS neither has its own portfolio management, nor any other products. Apart from this independence and no restrictions in our consulting, especially with bankable products, we can usually also significantly reduce the costs of investments for our clients.

What kind of services does KRONOS Advisory offer?

Our service includes everything concerning money and wealth to speak in broader terms. Our main objectives are to conceptualize an overall and objective asset structure. Furthermore, KRONOS Advisory is using calls for tender at banks to find the best provider for the individual needs of every client. In the end, the client has the final word in the decision making process. We are indebted to our clients because they are the ones paying our fees, not the banks! For that reason, we are 100 percent impartial and are thus able to achieve the best conditions for our customers.
We offer a wider scope of services than regular banks. There are more possibilities than passbooks, stocks and gold that should be taken into consideration. Due to our extensive network, KRONOS Advisory has access to so called „non-negotiable“ investments, such as private equity, private debt, diamonds or infrastructure investment. Of course, the distribution of investments has to be adapted to the individual financial status, goals and wishes. Our services are as manifold as our costumers; at the moment, we support private individuals, foundations, universities as well as companies.

We live in challenging times, how is it possible for investors to achieve positive results and how do these circumstances affect the team of KRONOS Advisory?

Last year, it was difficult to maintain liquid assets real (including inflation) let alone gain positive real growth. In the long run, this can be achieved with the right choice of asset classes and a well-structured wealth management. Since we are supporting most of our clients for a long time, such market phases that are characterized by high insecurity and large fluctuations in the different asset classes are returning and are nothing new. It is our goal to calmly and efficiently guide our clients through these times.

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