Why has KRONOS Advisory Attained International Recognition?

Choosing the right asset manager is a great challenge for several people due to a lack of know-how about markets, risks, opportunities, and costs. In fact, 80 percent of all asset holders are virtually at the mercy of providers and are often unfortunately victims of good sellers. Providers tend to put great effort into convincing asset holders and even take their advantage wrongly.

Taking such aspects into consideration, Sven Rischko, Founder and Managing Director, established KRONOS Advisory in 2009 with the motive to efficiently help asset owners stop being taken advantage of by providers of capital investments or asset managers without conflicts of interest or self-interest. Combined, the team here has nearly 200 years of experience in private banking, which makes it easier for them to achieve the company’s aim.

Offering Neutral Assistance to Investors
Rischko says, “We provide neutral assistance to investors in the selection and subsequent monitoring of asset managers and investment products.” Neither does the company have its own products nor does it carry out any investments.
Hence, there are zero conflicts of interest. The company’s payments come from clients and not providers, which is why the key focus is on attaining the best results for the clients. This includes selecting the right asset manager, monitoring assets, risk management, and offering advice. All in all, KRONOS Advisory negotiates the best for its clients. Besides, the cost reductions that can be attained through professional negotiation of the conditions and generally greater than the company’s fee.

KRONOS Advisory helps clients in selecting suitable banks and asset managers using its scoring system. It carries out the tender process and sets up the final structure. In addition, the process consists of the personal presentation of potential providers.

Last but not least, the business’s large network in the financial sector is of great benefit to its customers. Rischko says, “As a multi-family office, it is not our aim to perfectly cover all areas of the financial world, but we see it as our job to know and be able to provide the right experts for all of our customers‘ questions.”

The Concept of Family Office for High-Value Investors
Essentially, there are two kinds of multi-family offices (MFOs). The first one involves carrying out investments and asset management. These are ideally seen as asset managers. The second kind of multi-family office is greatly helpful since they neither have their products nor do they carry out any investments or asset management services.

Being the second type of MFO, KRONOS Advisory is capable of creating a strategic asset allocation tailored to individual investment goals without any constraints. This comprises both bankable products and non-bankable investments.

The services offered by KRONOS Advisory aid clients in optimizing their investment results to a great extent. By using tenders to find the best bidders for the individual components, the company helps the asset owners attain outstanding results. Further, once the client has selected and commissioned the various service providers, KRONOS Advisory continually monitors the assets, manages risks, and creates consolidated reports.

„We provide neutral assistance to investors in the selection andsubsequent monitoring of asset managers and investment products.“

KRONOS Advisory: Building a Reputation
Since its establishment, KRONOS Advisory has been able to develop a reputation as the most feared advisor among providers. While this may sound unusual at first, it works greatly in the customers‘ favor. When providers find out that the client has hired KRONOS Advisory, they are least likely to exploit them.

The company stands out in the market across the globe. In Austria, it has the advantage of being the first mover. However, the overall credit goes to the team, which involves members with experiences in leading positions in the international financial industry as well as highly commendable networks worldwide.

The key driving factor for KRONOS Advisory is its progress – merely seeing how its customers achieve better results instead of providers boosting their profits. What’s more, all the years of hard work and achieving what the company has always intended to do has resulted in its international recognition. KRONOS Advisory has been awarded with Multi-Family Office of the Year and 50 Most Admired Companies 2023.

KRONOS Advisory: Looking Forward
To date, KRONOS Advisory has acquired clients in Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, and German-speaking Europe. Sven says, “Having some of the worldwide leading companies as clients, we will continue to expand.” Besides, the company has also recruited three senior consultants with an international background, which will further help it in attaining global clients. Sven further adds, “We want and will be one of the most important MFOs internationally. The team is 100% committed to this and of course, also intensified.”