A CEO’s Personal Journey: An Interview with Sven Rischko, Founder and CEO of KRONOS Advisory

In this insightful interview, we explore the exceptional journey of Sven Rischko, the Founder and CEO of Kronos Advisory GmbH, a prominent Multi Family Office. Sven shares the unique story of his path to success, driven by unforeseen circumstances and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the finance industry.

Sven’s journey into the finance sector was serendipitous, originating from a background of competitive sports. Following a successful career in figure skating and dancing, health issues led him to reassess his path. Seizing an opportunity, he convinced a bank’s HR director to create an additional training position for him, ultimately launching his career in finance. Despite unconventional beginnings, Sven quickly rose to success in MLM sales, earning substantial income. A pivotal moment of conscience led him to resign, facing personal bankruptcy in 1999.

Undeterred, Sven discovered his passion for wealth management, eventually founding Kronos Advisory GmbH, a company dedicated to representing asset owners‘ interests …

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